"The history of RABIONEK is primarily the quality and uniqueness of our products, which for years have been a challenge to competition and changing trends..."

    The world of fashion is divided into those who seek inspiration and those who constitute it. And such inspiration is the RABIONEK brand, which, thanks to its vast experience and determination, today decorates shop windows and shelves in stores all over the world. Starting from the very center of Poland, through almost all European countries, our caps, berets, turbans and hats decorate the heads of all nationalities. But RABIONEK is not only a brand! It is a standard in headgear, the essence of Łódź textile industry and a symbol of everything that is Polish. It is a nearly forty-year history of people who created and developed this brand together. And we also owe it to the enormous knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Thus, drawing on past experience and modern skills, we make it possible to create almost any type of headgear you can imagine. And despite so many years, many of our products are still manufactured using traditional methods, based on highly specialized crafts and handicrafts. But our success also includes participation in all major fashion events, both in Poland and in Paris, Milan, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Salzburg. However, no matter where our fate takes us, everything we do is with your head in mind.  

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